Our production plant is certified ISO 9001-2015. We are in constant evaluation, so rest assured you will receive the best quality in all our products



Backed up by more than 25 years of experience, we are capable of giving your business the best solution in humidity control problems, corrosion and other chemical specialties.



Always in search for technologies to develop new projects and assure constant innovation to guarantee better solutions for you.

camen química

In 30 years, we were able to build the second largest desiccant plant in Latin America. Our company guarantees the best customer service and a superior quality in production processes as well as distribution of products for moisture control and other packaging technologies. We have been present in the pharmaceutical industry for over 30 years and we strive to go for more.

Headquartered in Mexico City, Camen’s leading role in the Latin American desiccant market and outstanding manufacturing performance devotes its steady growth to technological innovations with the goal of serving a wide range of industries including: pharmaceuticals, food, electronics among others.

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