Dr. Dry® Emergency kit - LATAM Product Launch

Dr. Dry® Emergency kit - LATAM Product Launch

With our highly absorbing Hyper Silica plus an innovative 360° drying technology, with Dr. Dry® we increased the probability of full recovery of any mobile device after contact with water. Up to 90% success rate within 72 hours only!

In September 2019, Camen successfully launched Dr. Dry® in Mexico and Argentina. The emergency kit is currently available through multiple e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Mercado Libre, and of course our own website https://drdry.tech/. The success stories are just beginning, Dr. Dry® is expected to launch in the US as well as Western Europe.

Our solution is backed up by multiple research tests to assure the functionality of this outstanding product. Contact us to know more about Dr. Dry’s technology.

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