DeseCamen® Activated Alumina

DeseCamen® Activated Alumina

DeseCamen® Activated Alumina is a highly absorbent material for large surface areas, it is commonly used as a desiccant or as a retainer filter for certain compounds found in water or air. Activated alumina is a highly porous aluminum dioxide that creates links to some liquids and gases without changing physical composition.

Generally, the use of activated alumina is found in water treatments since its compound can retain lead, copper, zinc, fluorine, arsenic, among other molecules that remain permanently linked to the alumina pores, successfully filtering water.

In the case of refining processes, the activated alumina beads are used as reaction catalysts for the recovery of sulfur dioxide contaminants released from some industrial reactions.

  • Available in different diameters.
  • Presentations for specific cases.
  • Humidity control for industrial processes.

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