VCI Universal® Anticorrosive Liquid

VCI Universal® Anticorrosive Liquid

Spraying metal products with VCI Universal® Anticorrosive Liquid, prevents metal corrosion due to its ability to vaporize and condense on the entire surface of a metal object, protecting it from oxidation, an attribute of its excellent penetrating power.

When using the VCI Universal® Anticorrosive Liquid, you replace the use of conventional protective products, while saving money and time required to apply unnecessary oils to each metal part. Additionally, with VCI Universal® Anticorrosive Liquid, metals or equipment can be used immediately after being unpacked, no need for cleaning up any residue.

Main Applications:

  • Machinery or equipment with a high content of iron.
  • Large metal boxes.
  • Aircraft parts.
  • Electronic circuits.
  • Electrical parts.
  • Military products.
  • Increase effectiveness by combining VCI Universal® with desiccant products.


  • 180 kg. Barrel
  • 18 kg. Container

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