White Silica Gel (Bulk) DeseCamen®

White Silica Gel (Bulk) DeseCamen®

Silica gel white (or transparent silica gel) type "A" ( no indicator ) in areas or granular , free of heavy metals and DMF ( Dimethyl fumarate ) .

It is an activated adsorbent comes in many sizes for use in different applications .

Silica gel other substances not corrode , has no odor or taste, is non-toxic and chemically unreactive .

Its inner surface is very large , so it is capable of adsorbing a large amount of moisture .

The adsorption process does not create by-products , or any chemical reaction . No changes shape or size either .

It can be used to absorb water , however , and in industrial applications , can also be used to adsorb C12 , CO2 , hydrocarbons , HC1 , sulfur and nitrogen compounds among other substances .

Available in different diameters.

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