Anticorrosive Liquid Universal VCI®

The VCI (Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor) vaporizes and condenses on the entire surface of a metal, protecting it from oxidation, thanks to its excellent penetrating power.

When using Universal VCI you replace the use of conventional protective products such as oils and others, also avoids waste of time. Additionally, metals or equipment can be used immediately after being unpacked, without being cleaned.


It is advisable to use materials such as:

  • Machinery or equipment with a high content of iron and its alloys.
  • Large metal boxes.
  • Aircraft parts.
  • Electronic circuits.
  • Electrical parts.
  • Military parts.
  • Parts stored for long periods.
  • It can also be used together with a desiccant or cartons.


  • 180 drums.
  • Garrafon 18 kg.

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