Home Dehumidifier - Secaplus®

Eliminates humidity and unpleasant smells in your home, office, car and more…

  • Non-Toxic
  • No hazardous liquid waste
  • With saturation indicator
  • Silica gel based product

Common Solutions:

  • With medicines: It helps to keep them humidity free in order to maintain them in excellent conditions for consumption.
  • Jewelry: Protects some metals from air humidity.
  • Vehicles: Keeps everything humidity free and takes away bad odors impregnated in the vehicle.
  • Important Documents: Prevents humidity damage in documents, photographs, books, etc.
  • Sport: Keeps humidity and odor free, towels, sport shoes, shower related objects etc.
  • Food: Safe around food items, keeps them humidity free and takes away unpleasant odors if needed.
  • Closets or drawers: Keeps fabric items mold free therefore prevents them from color changes, stains and humidity odor.

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