Dr Dry ®

Did you Know That Over 36 Million Smartphones are Destroyed by Liquids Every Year!

With our highly absorbing Hyper Silica, plus our innovative 360° drying technology, we increased the probability of full recovery of any mobile device after contact with water to up to 90% within 72 hours only!

  • Dr. Dry® rescues all kind of pocket-sized electronic devices from water related defects.
  • Highly effective and unique sachet design with a 360° drying technology.
  • Contains “Hyper-Activated-Silica”, a superior dehumidifying material.
  • Trademark registered and product patented.

Dr. Dry® emergency kits are aimed at private consumers, the product could be provided by private and public institutions (offices, schools, swimming pools) and can also be used by repair shops as an efficient and effective way of recovering phones of customers.

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