White Silica Gel (Bulk) Desecamen®

Silica gel white (or transparent silica gel) type "A" (no indicator) in areas or granular, free of heavy metals and DMF (Dimethyl fumarate).

It is an activated adsorbent comes in many sizes for use in different applications.

Silica gel other substances not corrode, has no odor or taste, is non-toxic and chemically unreactive.

Its inner surface is very large, so it is capable of adsorbing a large amount of moisture.

The adsorption process does not create by-products, or any chemical reaction. No changes shape or size either.

It can be used to absorb water, however, and in industrial applications, can also be used to adsorb C12, CO2, hydrocarbons, HC1, sulfur and nitrogen compounds among other substances.

Available in different diameters.

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